Crohn'sAdvocate® was created over five years ago in order to bring the community of those suffering from Crohn's disease together. It is an unbranded magazine provided by UCB and their drug Cimzia. I took over art direction in it's fourth issue in 2009. Since then we have grown exponentially and won a 2013 Communicator Award for
overall design. 

My responsibilities include searching for local photographers for three custom photoshoots per issue, art directing those shoots, and full layout design. This includes the printed piece and the digital piece for iPad®. I work directly with the account team and project manager to come up with provocative solutions to the copy they have developed. 

Other awards include: 
2013 Communicator Award 
Silver Award of Distinction - Overall Design
2012 Magnum Opus Awards
Honorable Mention - Best Medical Publication
2012 Hermes Creative Awards
Platinum – Publications/Magazine
2012 PR Daily Awards
Honorable Mention – Best External Publication 
2011 SABRE Award
Certificate of Excellence – External Publication

Go to to learn more (note I am not responsible for the website, soley the Crohn’sAdvocate® platform.)